What are the digital catalogues?

The British Council’s English for Palestine Digital Catalogues are QR coded catalogues that aim to supplement the English for Palestine curriculum with high quality, online resources. All resources are from the British Council’s websites and are mapped to specific units in each of the English for Palestine coursebooks with a complete catalogue for each grade level. Activities can be accessed for free through the embedded links or the QR codes. Most of the activities can be used both by teachers in the classroom and as extra practice for students at home.

What British Council websites are used in the catalogues?

The resources come from three different websites. The links were all selected by Palestinian English teachers to complement and support their lessons and the English for Palestine course books.

LearnEnglish Kids is designed to support the learning of children 12 and under in a safe and supportive online learning environment. It includes flashcards, crafts, songs, videos and exercises to help children learn and improve their English. It can be used by children independently under the guidance of a parent or teacher.

LearnEnglish Teens provides a free, safe and supportive online learning environment for 13–17 year-olds to learn English while having fun. LearnEnglish Teens can help teens improve their English with reading, writing, and listening practice, tips for exams, grammar and vocabulary exercises, games and videos. Teens can also interact with other teenagers from around the world and put their English into practice.

TeachingEnglish is the British Council’s website for teachers. It includes articles, lesson plans, courses to support the continuous professional development of English teachers.

How were the catalogues created?

The English for Palestine Digital Catalogues were created by a team of Palestinian teachers and teacher educators from all over the country led by Silvia Mustaklem. After an initial briefing and training, the teachers worked in small groups to conduct an initial mapping of links to the coursebooks. Then there was a series of review stages including self-review, peer review and a final quality assurance check.

The British Council would like to thank the following individuals for their hard work and for playing an essential role in the creation of the catalogues,

Adham Hosheya, Adibeh Allan, Asmaa Al-Roumi, Dalya Ali Saleh, Hanan Haj Saleh, Haneen Samara, Ibrahim Sabateen, Ibtisam Sbaih, Lina Bitar, Mohammed Monifi, Muhammed Atta, Nihaya Anaya, Silvia Mustaklem, Tahreer Hammad, Wafa Nazzal, We’am Hamdan, Wendy Arnold, Yaffa Jumah Ahmed, Bilal Shabir, Laila Abu Salik, Diana Abu Zaid, Fadi Skaik, Hiba Hamouda, Riham Fanouneh.

Tell us what you and your students think of the activities. Send your feedback and information about how you have used the catalogues through this form. We would love to hear from you!