What do we mean by 'verification'?

If you have any school, college, or university documents or degree issued by an accredited UK institution we can verify it as a true copy of original.

What should I provide?

  1. Original document (ie certificates, transcripts, letter of award)
  2. The holder’s contact details for follow-up activity.

What is the procedure?

Validity of accreditation is checked to ensure that the institution issuing the certificate is listed as an accredited one in the UK. This is done through the following bodies:

  • UK Department for Education and Skills
  • British Accreditation Council
  • Open & Distance Learning Quality Council
  • Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

If the issuing institution is not accredited the certificate holder will be contacted and informed that the British Council is not in a position to verify or stamp the document.

How long does this procedure take?

This process should not exceed 2 working weeks, taking into consideration the institution’s prompt respond to our request.

Where Can I verify the certificates? 

You can submit a copy of your original certificates with all accompanying documentation to any of our offices and contact points.


  • NIS 300 for verification up to 4 copies
  • NIS 50 for each additional copy.

For any enquiries, please contact us