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What is @Palestine?

@Palestine is a British Council project that aims to improve the English language skills and 21st century skills of Palestinian youth so that they better able to access opportunities in the digital economy. We work with and through universities and local tech hubs. 

What does @Palestine do?

  • We work with English teachers at universities to improve the English language learning of students through the use of 21st century skills such as creativity and critical thinking.
  • We work with local tech hubs to deliver English training specifically for aspiring digital freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • We conduct research to better understand the challenges that Palestinians, and women in particular, face when trying to earn a livelihood through the digital economy


English for Freelancers online course

Are you starting out as a freelancer and looking to work in the international market? Maybe you're already a freelancer and want to increase your network of clients? Either way, this is the course for you! As well as teaching you useful language for all of the typical scenarios you will meet as a freelancer, you will also learn techniques for handling more complex situations, improve your soft skills and your intercultural communication. 

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This course was created by the British Council in partnership with Gaza Sky Geeks. Learning design and development was done by LearnJam.

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21st century skills training

We trained 60 teachers from 14 Palestinian universities on how to integrate 21st century skills in their English classes, making lessons more communicative to increase and improve student learning.

In November and December 2019, face-to-face workshops were held in Amman and Ramallah as an introduction to 21st century skills. The training focused on four skills: critical thinking, creativity, communication and digtial and media literacies.

Teachers were invited to join an intensive 4-week online training course in February 2020 delivered by a team of international ELT experts. Each week, they completed online coursework, had virtual meetings and conducted projects.

To improve their ability to deliver an effective online learning experience to their students, teachers were given the opportunity to take an online course on e-moderation delivered by The Consultants-E. Upon the course's completion in March 2020, the teachers found themselves using the skills they'd just learned with all of their students as universities turned to online teaching and learning with the spread of Covid-19.



Provision of English training in digital enterprise hubs

This study was conducted to identify the local tech hubs and organisatoins that work with aspiring digital freelancers and entrepreneurs and to understand what they offer youth. We were particularly interested in understanding the role of English in their programmes. The findings of the study indicated a strong need for an English course that is specific to the context of digital freelancing and other online work.

Challenges faced by Palestinian women in the digital economy

This study explored the challenges faced by Palestinian women when engaging with the digital economy as digital freelancers and digital entrepreneurs. Through a review of the latest research and in-depth interviews, a number of success factors were identified.

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