About the Masarat grants programme

At a time of significant challenge for artists and the cultural sector globally, the British Council remains committed to supporting the development of diverse and creative expression and mutual cultural exchange between the UK and the rest of the world. 

  • The Masarat Grants programme seeks to respond to the needs of artists and cultural practitioners in Iraq, Jordan Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Yemen, providing financial support to enable continued production and project work in very difficult circumstances.  
  • Masarat aims to strengthen artistic practice through supporting production, training and showcasing activities. Selected grantees are also given opportunities to build their professional networks and make new connections with the UK and the Arab world.
  • Masarat provides grants of between 4000 and 10,000 GBP to support local emerging artists in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Yemen. This grant programme is designed to support the professional development of emerging artists, creatives and cultural practitioners in the region.

A total of 21 project have received grants to implement their projects in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Yemen by October 2021.

Discover the projects happening in Palestine

‘New Creatives’ - Al Ma’mal – Jerusalem and West Bank

New Creatives - The Exhibition’ seeks to shed light on the future potential of the cultural sector and encourage young creatives by providing them with a platform to showcase their work and talent. The project is particularly interested in supporting those those who have not had the opportunity to present their work in professional galleries.

Al Ma’mal will invite budding artists, filmmakers, and visual arts professionals, between the ages of 18 and 40, from all over Palestine to apply to participate in the New Creatives exhibition which will take place at Al Ma’mal in the Old City of Jerusalem and at partner institutions in the West Bank.

The project represents the start of a long term work relationship between Al Ma’mal and local artists, in the sense that Al Ma’mal continues its engagement with the artists beyond this exhibition through work opportunities, international exposure and residencies.

Jack Persekian

Horizons – أفاق – Art to Heart - Nablus

Horizons – أفاق  aims to open up new horizons for young disabled and non-disabled artists; to highlight the art of a number of emerging disabled artists, advocate for their rights to be mainstreamed in the national cultural policies and to have equal access to the cultural scene in Palestine. 

The project will do this through three main art interventions: art residencies and mentorship, intensive training workshops, and an online and face to face art exhibition.  These activities will be accompanied by an online advocacy campaign titled Disability and Arts: Challenges and Horizons that aims at highlighting the creativity of disabled artists and enhancing their inclusion in and access to the cultural sector in Palestine.

Horizons /Afaaq will enhance an equal access to arts by all and encourage the active participation of emerging disabled artists in the local cultural scene in Palestine.

Suha Khuffash


Spring Festival - Taghreeda Arts Team - Gaza

Taghreeda Arts Team, consisting of 8 groups of young artists and amateurs interested in theatre, music and choreography in Gaza, present their ‘Spring Festival’ 2021 edition that will combine digital and face to face elements.

The festival will create an alternative virtual space, simulating as much as possible the face to face Taghreeda Festival experience. This platform will showcase artistic talent and express, discuss and address social issues through online seminars, networking events, performances and discussions. It will act as a forum and support platform for professionals in the theatre, drama and music industry in Gaza.

New artistic works will be produced and showcased in the framework of the festival including one theatre play, two musical pieces, and a contemporary dance performance reflecting on the challenges faced by the Palestinian youth, especially in the Gaza Strip.  The programme will also shed light on art created by women and disabled artists.

The Masarat Grant will help us provide artistic groups with a free creative space to showcase their plays, music pieces, contemporary dance and choreography performances.

Doaa Masry


My Tale - Fragments Theatre – Jenin

Fragments Theatre will initiate the ‘My Tale’ project by training 10 artists from Jenin in the art of storytelling over a four-month period.  These artists will then be ready to train others and will begin working with children and supporting performances in Jenin and the surrounding villages.

The main aim of this project is to provide youth in Jenin with new and creative tools to unravel their imaginations as well as to deal with the hardships caused by their particular circumstances.  The project will enable the participating artists to deliver training to a high standard, supporting them to work professionally in this area and support the development of quality cultural programming in and around Jenin.

This project will bring new storytelling skills to Jenin and bring sustainability for Fragments Theatre. It will also support the artists and bring fun and hope for the children.

Fragments Theatre Association



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