Animation Programme in Hebron, at Child Happiness Centre ©

Ahed Izhiman

Animation Programme in Hebron, at Child Happiness Centre. © Ahed Izhiman

We work across the different sectors bringing together arts, society and education. Through the vision, enthusiasm and creativity of our local project partner in Hebron, the Child Happiness Centre (CHC), we have reached new audiences in the city centre as well as remote villages, politically marginalised areas and refugee camps.

During the training projects over a period of three years, we taught a core group of trainees from the CHC on the basics of stop motion animation. They learned how to build basic models, how to move them by hand, and how to capture this movement digitally and on film.

Our partnership with the CHC enacted local contact with different organisations in Heron. Specialised workshops were organised with schools staff to use animation as a learning and teaching tool, encouraging creative thinking. The project scale has expanded to include telecommunications company PALTEL, who commissioned the “animated” commercial about our in Palestine.

The project has created employment opportunities for volunteers working on cascading the project to new audiences in Hebron. During the Animation Festival in February, we were thrilled to see thousands of attendees: families, school groups, university students, teachers, and representatives from the Ministry of Education and private sectors.

We welcome new partners to join us in  making the dream of establishing the first Animation Training Centre in Hebron a reality. Please contact us for more information. 

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