LearnEnglish Connect is a new, effective, affordable and accessible learning and assessment solution. It is an online course designed to complement and support your institution’s existing English courses; integrated with a recognised assessment certificate which boosts the students’ chances in the job market.

Why LearnEnglish Connect?

  • It is flexible – students can learn in their own time at their own pace.
  • The learning content covers variety of formats for different contexts and understanding.
  • The learning content is easy and makes the whole learning process fun and enjoyable.
  • The learning portal can be accessed through laptop, tablet or even mobile phones.
  • The learning experience is motivating which helps in improved practice, better learning and progress.
  • The test results are available in as little as 48 hours.
  • It provides a British Council Certificate and an Aptis Report recognised by employers in MENA.

Benefits to the Students:

  • An expanded English vocabulary
  • Better grammatical competence
  • A wider grasp of practical phrases and expressions
  • Improved listening and reading skills
  • Experience of independent and online learning
  • Good preparation for future work environment

Support for the Teachers:

  • Online access to students’ progress reports
  • Teachers’ seminars.
  • Teacher training courses.
  • Additional teaching resources.