Mat Wright

Sunday 23 August 2015 - 00:00
Out of the Blue- Edinburgh

Twelve Palestinian artists will appear in events comprising part of “Welcome to the Fringe Palestine Day”, which is organised in partnership between: 

• British Council 

• David Grieg 

• “Welcome To the Fringe” 

• Forest Fringe 

• The Gate Theatre 

• Northern Stage

• A.M. Qattan Foundation. 

This will be a full day of storytelling, poetry, stand-up comedy, dance and a theatre performance of Al-Harah Theatre’s production, “Shakespeare’s Sisters”, alongside showings of Palestinian short films, discussion events and a photography exhibition.  

These events form the culmination of a week in which Palestinian artists will shadow established counterparts at the Edinburgh Fringe.  We will also stream a play live from Gaza via satellite to audiences in Edinburgh on 17 August. 

For event details and more information, check this link: