Friday 15 April 2016 to Tuesday 26 April 2016

Marc Brew at Ramallah Cultural Palace, 19 April at 19.30 and at Palestinian National Theatre, 20 April at 19.00

As part of our long term partnership with Sareyyet Ramallah, we are supporting performances by British artist Marc Brew in Ramallah and Jerusalem.

For Now, I am… is an elegant and revealing choreography. Stripped back - for the first time since his car accident in 1997 - Brew will create a work that engages directly with his body as it is now, investigating and exposing his changed form. 

A panel discussion will take place around the theme of Disability Arts on 19 April from 11.00 to 13.00 at PRCS in Ramallah.

Akram Khan at Ramallah Cultural Palace, 26 April at 19.30

The closing night of this year’s festival will be a performance of Kaash by the renowned British choreographer Akram Khan at Ramallah Cultural Palace.

Watch this trailer for Akram Khan Company.