Young Mediterranean Voices is primed to become the central flagship regional youth network connecting civil society, education institutions and policy-makers across Europe and the Neighbourhood South (Southern Mediterranean and Europe).

Building on more than five years investment in the field, as well as established networks, pioneering methodologies and independent research, the overall objective of Young Mediterranean Voices programme is to: “Empower young people to enhance a culture of dialogue, to contribute to public policy and shape media discourses, and to create a shared understanding with peers across the Mediterranean on how to address issues of common concern to their communities.”

To achieve this, the partners will focus on four specific objectives (a) a cadre of young influencers with enhanced skills for dialogue and debate will be created ; (b) debating practices will be embedded in education institutions and CSOs; (c) platforms and mechanisms for young influencers will be enhanced to shape public policy, influence decision-makers and shape media narratives; (d) exposure among young debaters for shared understanding and capacity will be enhanced to develop shared responses with peers to socio-cultural challenges.

This programme will bring the experience of Arab youth-led debate to other parts of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The programme will provide opportunities to open doors for young influencers to shape policy and media narratives. One of the most pioneering aspects of this programme is to contribute to enhance the “Euro-Med dialogue” paradigm by bringing the experience of a pan-Arab programme to the North and consequently challenging the traditional cooperation dynamics that were dominated by programming towards the South.