We run a number of exciting initiatives that aim to improve English language teaching, learning and assessment. Our English Projects include Self Access Learning, English for Education Systems, partnerships and research and consultancy.

Find out more about our English Projects work below:

Self Access Learning

Self Access Learning allows people to learn English from the comfort of their own home or on the move. By offering innovative and fun learning materials, accessible via television, radio, home computers and mobile phones, SAL helps to engage learners and support more formal learning methods.We have a range of  resources, online tools and materials, including:

  • Learn English SMS Service 
  • Learn English Print, including the GOAL! comic in Al Alem Al Zuhrir magazine
  • Learn English Parents workshops in partnership with supporting organisations
  • Learn English Websites 
  • Apps. 

English for Education Systems

Our English for Education Systems initiative involves us working with teachers and trainers to improve English teaching in Palestine. In partnership with Palestine's major education providers we work with teachers directly, and indirectly via supervisors, specialists and teacher trainers. 

We’re making a difference by:

  • developing and delivering face-to-face and online teacher training and trainer training programmes in primary, secondary, vocational and university education sectors
  • organising teacher training courses for in-service teachers in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, UNRWA and universities
  • carrying out research into English teaching and learning.

Partnerships, research and consultancy

Our English programme's activities and aim is to improve the quality of English language teaching, learning and assessment for Palestinians.

We welcome partnerships with organisations and companies who share our goals, and can support us in reaching and extending them.

Partners typically include:

  • funding partners, such as businesses with corporate social responsibility funds and donor bodies (national and international)
  • the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and UNRWA
  • universities and other higher education institutions in Palestine
  • private language schools
  • the English Language Teaching sector, including publishers and consultants
  • media: TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazines
  • mobile service providers, aggregators and internet portal owners.

Our work in research includes:

  • hosting policy dialogue events where UK and Palestinian experts can share their knowledge and research findings to improve English learning practice
  • supporting Palestinian teachers and academics who can share their experiences and benefit from those of others by presenting at international conferences
  • supplying English language learning research publications to libraries in Palestinian universities and education institutes
  •  collecting feedback, using observation and devising surveys to judge how effectively our activities have delivered their intended impact
  • bringing English language learning and teaching experts to present at Palestinian conferences.

Find webinars, research papers, videos and publications here!

We can also organise and manage independent consultancies for ministries and private organisations which wish to evaluate their English language learning needs.