Through higher education, citizens gain a wider understanding of both their country and the world around them. 

Two years ago, we introduced our globally recognised Internationalising Higher Education programme in Palestine. The programme links Palestinian and British individuals and organisations of higher education in the areas of: 

  • policy
  • capacity building
  • links/exchanges
  • conferences.

Our aims

As part of this programme we aim to:

  • work with the Ministry of Education/f Higher Education and UK partners on strategy and policy development 
  • encourage local and international discussion and debate around higher education issues and challenges
  • enable linkages and exchanges between Palestine and the UK to learn and share experiences and expertise
  • take part in professional networks and round-table dialogues that promote information sharing.  

Our activities

The programme has opened doors for us to showcase our expertise internationally and increase the number of partnerships, networking and capacity building opportunities. 

We’ve recently had the opportunity to: 

  • organise a study visit for 8 members of the Palestinian Universities 2 from the Business sector to the UK 
  • support the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission's capacity building and policy development plans
  • support curricula development for strategic communications diploma
  • enable local universities to develop disability and inclusion projects
  • support the development of medical education programme in Family Medicine.

Read more about our activities on the British Council International Higher Education website.

More information

Phone the British Council Palestine on +970(0)2 2963293 or email us at for more information about our work with the programme or to find out how you can take part in our events and activities.