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Read the world’s largest newsstand on your mobile device. Publications include The Economist, New Scientist and Marie Claire.

We have the latest newspapers and magazines from across the globe, with publications for fans of current affairs, technology, business and finance and magazines for kids.

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 About RB Digital Magazines

Popular current and archival content for streaming and download with permanent checkout on your device. Publications include The Economist, New Scientist and Marie Claire. Create an account using your library card and read online or download.

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You only need one login for seven of our resources: Ebooks, Audiobooks,  music concerts, movies, training resources, comics, and magazines. You can create this the first time you use the platform, RB Digital, and use your login and password for all seven.

Can I download magazines?

Yes, you can read magazines online or get the MyLoft app to read them on the go. 

  1. To register on desktop please refer to our step by step guide or watch our step by step video.
  2. To use MyLoft App, please watch the videos below to help you set up your app:

Getting Started with MyLOFT on iOS

Getting Started with MyLOFT on Android

Newspapers and Magazines

About newspapers

Get instant access to nearly 3,000 newspapers and 4,000 magazines from over 100 countries to keep informed, entertained and inspired every day. Discover, share and talk about news that matters to you.

Logging in

To access the full range of publications available to library members on Pressreader, you will need to create a login using your email address and personal details. Click here to follow the step by step guide to complete the sign up process.

Can I download newspapers?

Newspapers and magazines can be viewed online on Pressreader, or downloaded to the app on your tablet or smartphone device.

  •  Search for PressReader in your App store/Play Store and download it
  • Open the application, search for the publication and start using it.
  •  It will ask you for the username and password you have created for it on the website, when you will download any publication – magazines or newspapers.